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Laboratory Training (Hands-on)

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Genetics and molecular biology are the fundamental technologies of life. They concern all of us. And yet, only a small number of experts have access to laboratories and specialist knowledge in Nigeria. This is a problem caused by equipment that is closed and expensive and hardware and software that is difficult to use, as well as lack of expertise that can show you how to go about it.

Well, here is good new for you. HumGene Limited has brought the solution to your door step. Before you can enrol for our hands on Laboratory training, you have to get one of the theory aspect of the training to get you prepared.

By building a diverse community around inclusive and accessible molecular biology, we want to enable professionals and non-professionals to engage with genetics in an open and responsible way. This is for everybody: curious makers, ambitious students, innovative artists and cutting-edge scientists.

The hands-on Laboratory training will include the following:

  • DNA extraction
  • PCR Amplification (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  • Gel Eletrophoresis
  • Sanger sequencing

Date: TBD


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