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    Pre-disease state test

    Know your health status for the following before disease or disorder occur.   1 Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular 2 Gastrointestinal Function 3 Liver Function 4 Large Intestine Function 5 Gallbladder Function 6 Pancreatic Function 7 Kidney Function 8 Lung Function 9 Brain Nerve 10 Bone Disease 11 Bone Mineral Density 12 Rheumatoid Bone Disease 13 Bone Growth Index 14 Blood Sugar 15 Trace Element 16 Vitamin 17 Amino Acid 18 Coenzyme 19 Endocrine System 20 Immune System 21 Human Toxin 22 Heavy Metal 23 Basic Physical Quality 24 Allergy 25 Obesity 26 Skin 27 Eye 28 Collagen 29 Channels and collaterals 30 Pulse of heart and brain 31 Blood lipids 32 Gynecology (female) 33 Breast Cancer(female) 34 Menstrual cycle (female) 35 Prostate Cancer (male) 36 Male Sexual Function (male) 37 Sperm and semen (male) 38 Element of Human 39 Comprehensive Report 40 Thyroid 41 ADHD (Children)
    1. The health check is non-invasive
    2. The health check-up has no side effect
    3. It prevents diseases
    4. It gives comprehensive information on your health status
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    Pre-Natal DNA Test

    Paternity of a child can be found out while the excepting mother is 10 weeks pregnant by using non-invasive DNA sample collection, 100% safe prenatal paternity test which provides accuracy levels of up to 99.9% if the tested man is the biological father of the child. To convert to US Dollar, Click Here
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    Sibling DNA Test

    A siblingship test requires the participation of two alleged siblings. (Because of the complexity of the test, no more than two alleged siblings can be tested at the same time). To convert to US Dollar, Click Here
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