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Forensics Services: Unveiling Truth through Scientific Excellence.

 Welcome to Humgene Forensics Services.

At Humgene Forensics Services, we specialize in harnessing scientific expertise to unravel mysteries and provide definitive answers through forensic analysis. Whether you’re navigating legal complexities, seeking closure in a personal matter, or conducting investigative research, our state-of-the-art forensic capabilities and commitment to precision are here to support you.

 Understanding Forensics: Your Pathway to Clarity.

Forensic science plays a pivotal role in deciphering evidence, solving crimes, and unraveling complex scenarios through rigorous scientific analysis. At Humgene, we offer a diverse range of forensic services tailored to meet your specific needs, leveraging advanced technologies and methodologies to deliver accurate and actionable insights.

 Our Forensics Services.

 DNA Profiling and Analysis.

DNA profiling is a cornerstone of forensic investigations, providing crucial identification and relationship testing capabilities. At Humgene, we utilize cutting-edge DNA analysis techniques to extract, amplify, and analyze DNA samples from various sources, including biological fluids, tissues, and forensic evidence. Our forensic experts meticulously interpret DNA profiles to establish identity, link suspects to crime scenes, and provide critical evidence in legal proceedings.

 Forensic Pathology and Toxicology

Our forensic pathology and toxicology services encompass comprehensive post-mortem examinations and toxicological analyses to determine the cause and manner of death. Our board-certified forensic pathologists conduct thorough investigations, examining tissue samples, conducting autopsies, and analyzing toxic substances to uncover vital information crucial to legal investigations and medical inquiries.

 Forensic Genetics and Ancestry Testing

Forensic genetics and ancestry testing utilize DNA analysis to trace familial relationships, identify unknown individuals, and determine geographic origins. At Humgene, we offer specialized forensic genetic services tailored for law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, and individuals seeking answers through ancestral lineage exploration. Our expertise in genetic ancestry testing provides valuable insights into familial connections and historical backgrounds, supporting genealogical research and legal inquiries.

 Forensic Anthropology and Odontology

Forensic anthropology and odontology involve the examination of skeletal remains and dental records to establish identity, assess trauma, and reconstruct events. Our forensic anthropologists and odontologists employ advanced techniques in skeletal analysis, dental comparisons, and facial reconstruction to provide forensic reconstructions and facilitate identification efforts in criminal investigations and disaster victim identifications.

 Why Choose Humgene Forensics Services?

 Scientific Excellence and Innovation

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Maryam Ajikobi, Humgene Forensics Services epitomizes scientific excellence and innovation in forensic science. Our team of forensic specialists combines extensive experience with state-of-the-art technologies to deliver reliable and precise forensic solutions. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of accuracy and integrity, ensuring that our forensic findings withstand scrutiny in legal proceedings and investigative contexts.

 Ethical Standards and Confidentiality

At Humgene, we adhere to stringent ethical standards and regulatory guidelines to safeguard client confidentiality and uphold the integrity of our forensic investigations. We prioritize transparency and accountability in every aspect of our forensic services, maintaining trust and confidence in our findings among clients and stakeholders.

 Client-Centered Approach.

We understand the urgency and sensitivity of forensic inquiries. Whether you are a legal professional seeking crucial evidence for a case, a law enforcement agency investigating a crime, or an individual seeking closure in a personal matter, our client-centered approach ensures personalized attention and tailored solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific objectives and deliver timely, actionable forensic insights that address their unique needs.

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